Latin proverbs' and locutions' FAQ and Disclaimer


  1. This web site was created by Marko Pinteric. It is provided bona fide, for personal use only. Therefore the author does not guarantee for the proverb / locution authencity, nor for the corectness of the translation or the attribution.
  2. The web site includes most basic and widespread proverbs and locutions by author's and readers' oppinion. Every addition / correction / suggestion will be carefully considered and the reply will be sent as soon as possible. The suggestion must include the English translation! The author withholds the right to reject suggestions for new proverbs and locutions. To be included on the contributors' list, the contributor has to suggest proverbs or locutions not already known or not already suggested by another person to the author. The contributor should also enclose her/his full name and location in order to be included on the contributors' list. The contributor's e-mail and other personal data will be withheld by the author, unless requested differently by the contributor.
  3. The webmaster is no Latin language expert, so no support on Latin proverbs or locutions will be given by him. Please note: Because of the lack of the time and resources, any request for translation or help considering Latin language will be completely disregarded by the author!


Created by Marko Pinteric.

Please note: when submitting a new proverb or locution, please do include the English translation, as well as your full name and country of affiliation for the Contributors' list. ANY REQUEST FOR TRANSLATION OR HELP CONSIDERING LATIN LANGUAGE WILL BE DISREGARDED! For more information read FAQ.

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