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About this page

This is the oldest web page on Dalmatian culture and klapa songs. It was already created in 1997., when good scanners were scarce, and ripping music from CD required visiting Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb... Since then, the contents and design of web page has not changed much. After being hosted between 2001. to 2014. by public server of Croatian Academic and Research Network, it is now part of my personal web page. And as long as visitors continue to read it, it will remain available. So, enjoy the web page and enjoy klapa songs!


Dalmatia is not only just beautiful beaches and sunny skies. Dalmatia is, above all, a indigeneous people and the unique culture they form: Dalmatian songs with specific Dalmatian dialect, Dalmatian architecture and Dalmatian cuisine. Let us to get to know some of these unique values!

These web pages have the intention to present all cultural segments. But not in a scientific, arid way. Yet, my wish is to discover and make closer these values to all of You, especially those to whom this culture is not domestic to.

However, at the moment only the most prominent and unique one is available - Dalmatian vocal music. As these web pages are, alike all serious, lively pages, constantly under construction, I beg for Your patience and understanding!

Basic facts

Dalmatia is the Croatian seaside province. Enclosed in the north by mountain ranges of the Dinara and in the south by the Adriatic sea, it has always kept a specific culture. Two influences are notable. Before Croatian tribes settled here, the region was a highly cultivated Roman area. Therefore, we meet dominant Slavic (Croatian) and minor Romance (Italian) components, when language, music or architecture are concerned.