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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Please, add my favourite klapa song!

    1. This site is an amateur undertaking of a single person, and my time is limited by many other obligations in my life. I lose too much time even for answering to requests and for normal maintenance of the site.
    2. Your favourite klapa song does not fit into the concept of the site.
    3. I don't have all necessary material. In fact, for adding your favourite klapa song I need above all:
      • music track of the song on CD or WAV file of CD quality,
      • text of the song.
      Only if you are ready to participate in adding your favourite klapa song actively, please contact me on my e-mail address.

  2. Could you please provide me sound file/score/text of my favourite klapa song?

    I have sound files and texts on computer only for the songs that are already on the site. As this site is an amateur undertaking without any support, but providing a web place, I do not have time neither for transfering the rest of the material on the computer, nor for looking for material I still do not have. See also previous answer.
  3. Which collections of real klapa songs on CD do you recommend? Where can I get them?

    I recommend:
    • Najlepse Dalmatinske narodne pesmi I., II., RTV Slovenia; you can obtain them only by ordering directly from RTV Slovenia.
    • Antologija Dalmatinskih klapskih pjesama Omis 1967-1995, Croatia Records; you can obtain them in all better CD shops in Croatia.

  4. Could you tell me when the Festival of Dalmatian klapas in Omis takes place, how to contact organisers etc.

    I have no formal or informal contact with the Festival of Dalmatian klapas in Omis, nor I posses any current information about it.
  5. I would like to ask you for information on other Croatian music.

    1. I do not listen to the most of other Croatian music (e.g. pop, rock) and I don't know anything about it.
    2. For the small remainder of Croatian music that I do listen (e.g. classical) I am not competent to give information.

  6. I am looking for information on my family. . . .

    This is "Dalmatian culture" web site. I wish you a good luck in your further search!

Please, ask other questions via mail or on discussion board.