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Are you one of the 99% of people who hate physics? Well, don't blame physics for that; It is probably your teachers' fault! Physics can be very simple if one takes time to explain it properly!

Physics is actually a great thing. It is warming you, drives you to work, illuminates your house, keeps your food fresh and brings those little pictures to your screen. And if you wonder how the wind blows, why is the sky blue, how you float on the surface of sea or why moon doesn't fall down like an apple, it has all the answers.


I've been seven years into physics. And, believe me, it was not a love at first sight!

Sep 1, 1984:for the first time met physics and instantly disliked it
Sep 1, 1986:got another teacher of physics and started changing my view
Oct 1, 1990:started my studies at Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Oct 1, 1994:finished lectures
Feb 1, 1996:started my graduation thesis measurements at Institute of Physics in Zagreb (Croatia) by dr. S. Tomic
Dec 23, 1996:the happiest day of my studies (passed the last exam)
Apr 20, 1997:published my first article
May 13, 1997:graduated to bachelor degree