MP Electronic Devices

As an experimental physicist, I often have to deal with electronic devices. But this is more than just a nuisance to me. I really enjoy process automation and also have a keen interest and scientific approach to electronic devices. Here I have compiled all the parts of my personal blog that deal with electronic devices.

LCD programming and Raspberry Pi use

Instructions for programming LCD devices and using them with Python and the Raspberry Pi.

Handling voltages with microprocessors

A guide to input and output voltage using the Raspberry Pi. Instructions for building a compact and simple voltage divider are included.

Yet another algorithm for rotary encoder control

A proposal for a new algorithm for reading rotary encoders with a programming examples for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Overview of AVR microcontroller programming

An overview of common techniques for uploading code to the most widely used ATmega and ATtiny series AVR microcontrollers.

Model railway related electronic devices

Automatic switch improvement

Improving old automatic switch. The explanation of the two-solenoid actuator operation is included.

Incandescent versus LED lamps

Comparing characteristics of original incandescent lamps and modern LED lamps built in during the digitalization endeavour.

Original versus modern motors

Comparing characteristics of original and modern motors built in as a replacement/improvement endeavour.

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