Choir Town - first Croatian musical pages


The beginnings

"Choir Town" - first Croatian musical pages were created back into Internet pioneer times in Croatia, in summer 1995. Not only these were the first pages covering this specific theme, they were from the start noted for their original design. Already in December 1995 they were chosen to be one of the 100 most interesting WWW servers and HTML pages in Croatia by Croatian Internet magazine "NeT", accompanied with the text "Very wittily conceived pages of Academic choir 'Ivan Goran Kovacic'." They were also noted by leading Croatian daily "Vecernji list" on July 15, 1996, as one of four Croatian musical pages worth visiting.

The web pages were an amateur effort by a choir member and Internet enthusiast Marko Pinteric. However, since he lowered the intensity of choir activities soon after their creation and since there was no will from other choir members to participate in their development, the web pages stopped to evolve and to be up-to-date.

The removal

Only in 1998 the choir administration realized the importance of the web presentation and decided that something must be done about the development of choir web pages. So a member of administration, Bojan Barisic, was named the web master of the official web pages. He informed the author of "Choir Town", that he is going to take over the web pages, but he intentionally failed to inform him that he is going to delete the existing pages and replace them with his own. Would the author not have the copy of his creation at his own hard disk, the pages would be irreversibly lost.

Instead, the fight between members of administration and the authors of former and present pages about the future of choir presentation began. As the new web pages had no personality whatsoever, and were hardly any more informative or up-to-date as the old ones, the compromise was made that both pages should remain on-line and represent the choir. But this agreement was finally double-crossed few years later, when "Choir Town" was deleted again, while its author was disabled to access its web space.

The return

For a few years these pages vegetated on different free servers. None of these servers survived by 2004. This year the author finally decided to return web pages to Internet, this time hopefully for good. Only minor changes were made in order to preserve integrity and readability of the pages, still faithfully presenting the last functional version. Meanwhile, the official pages of the choir changed yet another time, but by the opinion of many, the very first page are still the best presentation of the choir, by merits from either year 1995 or year 2004.

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