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Marko Pinteric data

The most important professional and personal data of Marko Pinteric.

Latin proverbs and locutions

The list of most common Latin proverbs and locutions, organised in a way that anyone can suggest some to be included.

Microcomputers tricks

A guide on measuring voltage with the Raspberry Pi and on building compact and simple voltage divider.

LCD: programming and Raspberry Pi use

Instructions for programming LCD devices and using them with Python and the Raspberry Pi.

Yet another algorithm for rotary encoder control

A proposal for a new algorithm for reading rotary encoders with a programming example for Raspberry Pi.

Using LaTeX on Windows

Useful resources for those who intend to (re)install 'MikTeX' LaTeX distribution on their Windows machine.

Model train repairs

Various advices on repairing HO model trains.

Standpoints/Stalisca (English/Slovenian)

Collection of short articles written by Marko Pinteric. / Zbirka kratkih clankov, ki jih je napisal Marko Pinteric.

Make WD40 replacement straw

Instructions on how to create your own WD40 replacement straw.

Guest web pages / Archived web pages

Music, Politics, and War: Views from Croatia

Sound recordings that accompany book "Music, Politics, and War: Views from Croatia", edited by Svanibor Pettan.

Infracrveni Agram / Infrared Zagreb

The capital of Croatia through the lenses of the thermographic camera.

Dalmatian culture

The oldest web pages on klapa songs and Dalmatian culture in general. (1997)

Academic choir "Ivan Goran Kovacic" - choir town

The oldest Croatian musical web pages that represent one of the most renowned Croatian choirs. (1995)

Tabula Marca

Marko Pinteric personal web page from student days. (1994)

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