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Jakov Gotovac

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Boris Papandopulo

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Franz von Suppe (1819 - 1895)

He was born as Francesco E. E. C. Suppe-Demelli in Split, Dalmatia, while the Germanization of his name in Vienna to Franz von Suppe was a result of the current fasion.

Along with Johann Strauss Jr. and Karl Milloecker he represents classical period of Vienna operetta, which was even invented by him. Namely, he was the first to process antecedent Singspiel (family which reached its peak with Mozart's Zauberfloete) in a way to be called small opera (operetta). Later Strauss and Milloecker accepted that style, which was further developed in Paris by Jacques Offenbach. He wrote altogether about thirty operettas, among which the best known is Boccacio (1879).

Von Suppe introduced motives from Dalmatia in two of his works: Missa dalmatica (1832, rewritten 1877), and operetta Des Matrosen Heimkehr (1885). The mentioned operetta even takes place in Hvar and Starigrad on island Hvar in Dalmatia.

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Ivo Tijardovic (1895 - 1976)

He was born in Split, Dalmatia, to which he was attached for the rest of his life.

The whole opus is imbued by Dalmatian folk music. From his opus two of his operettas Mala Floramye (1926) and Splitski akvarel (1928) are singled out, in which he conjured up a typical Split's local colour. Their melodies are even today widely recognised and popular among people.

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